The Piece Hall Summer Concert Season
  • Client: The Piece Hall
  • Industry: Arts & Culture
  • What we did: Design, Print

Music woven into the fabric of history

The Piece Hall approached us to create a vibrant look for their summer concerts. Designing all the hoardings, including the iconic stage eyebrow, was a significant project. The concept features a close-up shot of colourful, playful, and abstract material, evoking movement and vibrancy. Our goal is to inspire joy, creativity, and cultural connection by combining music and visual art. It was a highlight to see a diverse mix of artists, especially Queens of the Stone Age, perform against our designs.

The concept

The concept enters around the visual of a close-up shot of a coluorful material that is abstract and playful, expanding to create a sense of movement and vibrancy. The strapline “Music woven into the fabric of history” highlights the integration of music and cultural history into this dynamic visual. It suggests that music is an integral part of human history and culture and that it can be celebrated and appreciated through creative expressions like colorful materials. Overall, the concept aims to evoke a sense of joy, creativity, and cultural connection through the combination of music and visual art.