Leeds City Museum Trails
  • Client: Leeds City Museum
  • Industry: Arts & Culture
  • What we did: Design, Illustration, Print

Hand Drawn Pixels collaborated with Leeds City Museum to create a series of engaging and visually appealing trails designed to enhance the visitor experience. The trails focused on ‘Animals in Leeds’, ‘Mini Animal Trail’, and the ‘Happy Museum Trail’. Each trail was brought to life with vibrant illustrations aimed at captivating audiences of all ages.

The goal was to develop interactive and educational trails that would attract visitors, particularly families and children, to explore the museum’s exhibits in a fun and engaging way. The trails needed to be visually stimulating and accessible, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Mini Animal Trail

Targeted younger visitors with simpler, easy-to-follow paths and charming illustrations. The aim is to find the mini Eugy Animals hidden with the museum. Focused on creating memorable experiences that blend learning with fun.

Happy Museum Trail

Aimed at promoting well-being and happiness through positive and cheerful illustrations. This was integrated with uplifting messages and fun facts to create a joyful atmosphere throughout the museum. Encouraged visitors to engage with exhibits in a light-hearted and enjoyable manner.

Animals in Leeds Trail


This trail highlighted various animals associated with Leeds, both historical and contemporary. Featured detailed illustrations that provided educational insights while being visually entertaining. Designed to encourage exploration and discovery within the museum. The trail fold out from A5 to A3 to help the user find all the objects.