A new look for IP software company
  • Client: Equinox
  • Work: Visual Identity

Still the same friendly team, but now with a brand that reflects who they are.

The company was founded as Work AnyWare Ltd. in 2006. They also built the powerful all-in-one intellectual property management software, Equinox. They realised the name was beginning to add a layer of confusion. Are they Work AnyWare? Are they Equinox? How do you spell “AnyWare”?

They found many people throughout the industry were already calling them by the software’s name, so they listened and now we’re embracing the name.

This is where Hand Drawn Pixels were brought on board, we were tasked with looking at the Equinox brand and add colour and playfulness.

Brand evolution

Whilst their logo hasn’t fundamentally changed, the surrounding visual identity has. We’ve been working with Equinox to refresh the visual identity so that each of the brand elements adapts to the wide range of material required.

We introduced new fonts to help us communicate clearly while bringing the companies playful side to the forefront. A whole new colour system was developed to represent a vibrant team!

The angle of the axis in the O of the logo is represented throughout the new brand and gives a subtle unique look.




The brand uses a series of icons as a way of informing people about products and services. There are 5 core versions —represented by 4 brand colours.

There are also 5 value icons in the secondary icon palette — represented by 3 brand colours.


The most significant introduction to the brand are the characters. They represent the friendly faces that guide you through the experience Equinox creates.

We felt that illustration was the best way to capture the spirit and energy of the company. The new set of illustrations bring to life all the many experiences behind Equinox. They can go big and bold or small and restrained, they really do adapt to their environment.

Why not visit their amazing office? You might see lots of character hidden around the building!


You can see all the brand elements and characters dotted around Equinox. We have created so many illustrations, we can’t fit them all on this page! Visit their new website by the talented Impression to see more of our work.