A playful brand for Collaborative Touring Network
  • Client: Collaborative Touring Network
  • Work: Visual Identity, Print & Digital

A new brand

Collaborative Touring Network are a collective of 8 organisations, they are: Battersea Arts Centre (Wandsworth), Doorstep Arts (Torbay), Heads Up (Hull), Jumped Up Theatre (Peterborough), Looping the Loop (Thanet), Lyrici Arts (Medway), The Old Courts (Wigan) and Strike a Light (Gloucester).

CTN Work with artists and communities to deliver perspective-changing shows. No brand was previously in place and we were asked to develop a unique brand to reflect what they represented.

Doodled typeface

We created a bespoke alphabet system with doodles overlaying a bold typeface. The idea came to us while in a meeting with CTN, we could see that everyone in the organisation liked a clean typeface but wanted something more, they wanted movement, or an edge, to the font. While we were doodling over typefaces we realised that we could overlay different shapes to add movement.

With the vivid colour palette and doodles, the brand has taken on a simple, yet playful look and feel.