Covid-19 Response

We are continuing to be open for business and we are committed to maintaining the health and wellbeing of our colleagues, clients and suppliers. This is what we will be doing to ensure any potential disruption of service to our clients is kept to an absolute minimum:

Remote working
  • We are able to work from home and securely access the files remotely in order to complete any client related tasks and projects – this includes creative, development, media management, client services and project management teams.
Communication with client and suppliers 
  • We are set up to use video conferencing tools for meetings with you. Our tool of choice for this is Google Hangouts as it does not require special software to be installed and calls can be set up simply over email. We are also happy to use your tool of choice if this is more convenient.
  • You can still communicate with us as normal by email, landline or mobile.
  • If we are absent from work due to sickness, we will have an out of office set up with the details of a colleague who can help you