We are Hand Drawn Pixels, a design studio delivering effective creative solutions through digital & print

We genuinely want to make a
difference to your business.

We’ll pick up a pencil.

Reflect on your brief and your ambition.

Maybe the objective is specific – a brand, a website, a poster campaign, even a restaurant interior.

Perhaps it’s more general – a need to increase sales or footfall, an ambition to appeal to a new market.

Whatever the starting point, there is always a problem requiring a visual solution. We work in partnership with you to find those solutions.

We sketch shapes, words, ideas until we can draw what you want to express.

Even if your solution evolves into the most cutting-edge website, when we start to design, we still pick up a pencil.


Design and creativity is at our core. It’s what we do. It gets us out of bed before sunrise and it pushes us to be on top of our game to achieve the right result – whether online, on paper, or crafted skilfully by hand.

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Branding & logo design
  • Brochures, stationery & business cards
  • Digital design
  • Illustration
  • Print production


We design and build great-looking websites that work. For a small team we’re really big on effort. We’re more than happy to go to extraordinary lengths to get things done, however tight your deadline.

  • Email marketing
  • E-commerce / WooCommerce
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly websites
  • Website design & build
  • Website hosting
  • WordPress development